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Easyton Plus Disposable Tonometer Prism

Product Ref: T0100401


Single use sterile disposable prisms suitable for use in all Goldmann style applanation tonometers.

Excellent quality, safe and easy to use. Individually packaged to maintain sterility, supplied in box of 100.

Made in Italy.

Each individual Easyton package contains a sterile tonometer prism tip and is all you need to complete an acurate and sterile tonometry procedure.

4 Easy steps:

  1. Remove the tonometer prism from the sterile packaging being careful not to contaminate the tip.
  2. Insert the tip onto the tonometer with the line alighned to the zero position.
  3. Perform the intraocular pressure measurement.
  4. Dispose of the used tonometer prism.

Colour may vary.

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