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Silicone Nose Pad Selection (430 Pieces)

Product Ref: 50610910



A selection of quality nose pads supplied in an organiser box for easy reference and inventory control.

Contains the following products in high quality silicone comfort fit material.

20 pairs (40 pieces) of the following:

  • 9mm round screw fit
  • 9mm round push fit
  • 11mm symmetrical screw fit
  • 11mm symmetrical push fit
  • 13mm symmetrical screw fit
  • 13mm symmetrical push fit
  • 15mm symmetrical screw fit
  • 15mm symmetrical push fit
  • 17mm symmetrical screw fit
  • 17mm symmetrical push fit

5 pieces of the following saddle bridges:

  • 19.5mm x 19mm screw fit
  • 19.5mm x 19mm push fit
  • 32mm x 15mm screw fit
  • 32mm x 15mm push fit
  • 44mm x 14mm screw fit
  • 44mm x 14mm push fit
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